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    Comments: I had shoulder surgery with Dr Behr. Im a young athlete (23) and I really feel like he cared about what was going to be best for me down the road. He does always want you to follow up with him and appointments are normally pretty easy to get (he has had to reschedule a few times though) His wait times vary, sometimes they take me in RIGHT on time, and others I'm waiting an hour or so. BUT the reason he does tend to get behind schedule is because he listens to EVERYTHING you have to say, your concerns, how you're feeling, etc so most the time I don't mind waiting for someone who really cares about his patients. I still have some problems with my shoulder (but that's not due to him) but he still told me after my school insurance ended I could see him and he'd give me a deal for some out of pocket stuff. he's a GREAT doctor, definitely recommend him!
Mercy Medical Building

4060 4th Avenue, 7th Floor
San Diego, CA 92103